Here are some of the cool projects that UBC Sustaingineering is currently working on. Stay tuned for updates!

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Solar Pump system installed in a Nicaraguan community

Solar Pump system installed in a Nicaraguan community

3G Monitoring project

UBC Sustaingineering is working in partnership with ENICALSA (Renewable solutions company in Nicaragua) to design and develop a 3G-network monitoring system for solar water pumps. There are currently 30 solar pumps systems installed in Nicaragua's country side whose functionality is currently being monitored by ENICALSA's team in-person.

The team is developing a remote monitoring platform that senses various operating parameters of the solar panels and water pumps such as the temperature, voltage/current, water pressure, and transmits this data through GSM/3G to a central base for its monitoring.


MPPT Project

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is the technique of electrically controlling the solar panel's output using sensors and control algorithms to ensure maximum power is obtained from the solar cells.

The Sustaingineering MPPT team is working to implement a MPPT controller at a small scale. Our primary goal is to keep costs at a minimum while designing a controller and algorithm that will be appropriate for smaller solar panels. Once the project is complete, we will be able to help out off grid communities maximize their solar resources for essential applications uses such as USB charging, LED lighting, refrigeration, etc.

Prototype boost converter; part of the MPPT project.

Prototype boost converter; part of the MPPT project.

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Himalayan Makers Guild (HMG) - Education Project

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UBC Sustaingineering is proud to support the Himalayan Makers Guild (HMG) as the first branch of Sustaingineering Education.  Sustaingineering Education extends our mandate beyond university education to create self-sustaining programs in grade schools in developing regions. In this way, we not only provide technological solutions but support the empowerment of the next generation to innovate in their own communities.

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Started by Harry Pigot, a UBC alumnus, HMG takes a hands-on approach to teaching programming and electronics to grade 4-10 students (aged ~9-16) in Kathmandu, Nepal. The club emphasizes student leadership to foster a knowledge base that is sustainable within the club membership. To date, over 100 students have benefited from the program, with 60 students are currently enrolled at various stages of progression. Harry has recently transferred leadership of the club to a local graduate of the program, who will then train and pass off leadership to another graduate, creating a continuous self-sustaining education program. Students advance through three pre-defined courses, each lasting 6 months, before ultimately moving on to open-studies projects where they can apply their new skills to a project of their choosing. To read more about the formation of the club, see Harry's website, or follow the latest news from the students on the HMG Facebook page.