Meet the UBC TEAM



team captains

Anant is a recent graduate from the Electrical Engineering program. He is the current Co-Captain for the team and is involved with recruitment, project management, funding and administrative duties. He firmly believes in the teams values of sustainability and use of renewable energy in its projects. He enjoys playing soccer, watching movies and some outdoor activities in his spare time.

anant sumaria -Team co-captain



Alex is a 3rd year BCom student specializing in marketing. Currently working in website design for the team. Born in Venezuela, from where her obsession for arepas comes from. She enjoys hiking, camping and latin dancing. Loves animals, scared of most of them.




Amanda is in her 3rd year of Electrical Engineering at UBC and is a member of the Sensor Team. She was born in Victoria, B.C. and loves rock climbing, hiking and running. The main reason Amanda joined Sustaingineering was to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy, and make an impact in the world.


Rubinder is pursuing his M.A.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering at UBC and is currently working on the MPPT project. He was born in India and moved to Canada in grade 10. He has completed his B.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering at UBC. His hobbies include astrophotography and teaching.

Rubinder singh


mechanical team

Third year engineering student with an interest in mechanical, electrical and software engineering as well as economics. Wants to make sure that future generations and people in the developing nations can have the resources to enjoy going on beautiful outdoor excursions the way he likes to do. Plays soccer whenever he can.

Michael miller



Martin Ordonez -FOUNDER & CO-ADVISOR

Francisco "Pancho", is currently working towards his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering at UBC in the field of power electronics for renewable energy systems and distributed generation. He is passionate about complex problems and their solutions. As such, he is especially interested in democratizing access to energy in the world in a sustainable way. He enjoys reading, cooking, and hiking in the forest.


Sajan is a 4th year Electrical Engineering student currently working on the GSM Project. He was born and raised in Mexico and after coursing 2 years of Engineering Physics at Tec de Monterrey he transfered to UBC to continue his studies. He believes that renewable energies are one of the keys to create a future of abundance for everyone. He enjoys playing rugby, latin dancing and producing electronic music.



Curtis is a 4th Electrical Engineering student working on the MPPT project at Sustaingineering. He was born in Vancouver and after spending two years at Waterloo, he transferred to UBC to continue his studies in Electrical Engineering. He spends his time doing many outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking and traveling.

Curtis Catt - mppt project lead


Roger luo 

Rico is a 4th electrical engineering student, currently the Co-Captain for the team. Loves to talk energy, control systems, micro controllers, and of course, soccer and workout routines. He speaks Mando, English, Spanish, Matlab, C, Python, and C++.



artem cherniata


Matt is currently pursuing his M.A.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering at UBC in the field of power conversion for renewable energy systems. He is passionate about all aspects of sustainability. His passion stems from his love of wild places and adventure travel, particularly rock climbing, hiking, camping, and skiing.

Matthieu Amyotte - CO-ADVISOR

Abdul is in his 4th year of Electrical Engineering at UBC and is currently working on the GSM project as the sensor team lead. He is passionate about sustainability in engineering design, telecom, automation and project management. Abdul was born and raised in Pakistan, which is the reason behind his love for South Asian cuisine, cricket, and the premier league.

abdul moiz - TEAM CO-CAPTAIN


Maryam is a 4th year Engineering Physics student working on the MPPT project. She dreams to help the world socially and environmentally, is passionate about arts and culture, and has a spirit for adventure. She strives to make a positive social impact through the betterment of environmental quality. Maryam has been involved in musical theatre and tourism for 3 years, enjoys bouldering, and has a love for combining art and engineering.

MaRyAM baksh -mppt


vitor tiepo


Ignacio Galiano - Technical Consultant